Release Date: ​July 10th, 2020

Debbie Sledge​ honors ​Nina Simone​ in this stunning live concert recording. Nina Simone’s seminal voice and remarkable music stood up against racial injustice and carried forward American civil rights efforts for decades. Debbie's group, Sister Sledge, released the iconic song "We Are Family" four decades ago, and it remains a universal anthem for diverse communities the world over. The intersection of Nina's brilliant music, with its defiant social outcry, and Debbie’s passionate call for unity through her healing voice, is something to truly cherish. Significantly, for these times, the performance was recorded in Denmark - a country where many African American musicians sought refuge during the height of the 1960s civil rights movement. Experience the intimacy, ambience and power of being there on that auspicious night. The album will be released to mark the period of the postponed Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

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Debbie Sledge​ // vocals // Phoenix (Grammy Award Winner, 8 Top-10 Singles with Sister Sledge)
Niels Lan Doky ​// piano // Copenhagen (43 Artist Albums, Knighted by HM the Queen of Denmark, Metheny, Breckers, Thielemans, Sanborn, etc.) Victor Jones ​// drums // New York (Getz, J. Scott, Petrucciani, S. Clarke, Gillespie, etc.)

François Moutin​ // double bass // Paris & New York (Solal, Portal, R. Haynes, D. Liebman, L. Moutin, M. Stern, B. Hart, J.Tain Watts, etc.)


A personal note from Debbie: My humblest thanks to my dear late Aunt Geri (Geraldine Rhodes Kennedy) for her constant support and encouragement. 

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Debbie wrote the smooth groove ‘Never Change’ with friend and producer Dolf de Vries some time ago, and recorded in Holland in November 2019. Look out for her Dutch family and grandchildren in the video! The song is available on all major online platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

Never Change by Debbie Sledge