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Financial Times, Mike Hobart

Debbie Sledge at Ronnie Scotts. London, 2017

"Sledge entered, strong at the centre, fragile at the edges, acting out the opening line of Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up... The song was treated as a slow burn and, by the end, Sledge had cast fragility aside...and then Al Jarreau’s “Save Your Love for Me”, rendered as an achingly slow torch song ballad, Sledge’s pitch-perfect diction subtly spiced with a scattering of gospel inflections."

RFI MUSIC, Joe Farmer

The Standard Live Recording. 2016

"Seeing and hearing this impeccable virtuoso...interpreting, with the same ease, both a classic work by George Gershwin and the legendary James Brown, demonstrates her impressive flexibility and open-mind."


The Standard Live Recording. 2016

”How she succeeded to make Stevie Wonder’s 1973 up-tempo song ”Living For The City” segue effortlessly into ”My Funny Valentine” - and simultaneously deliver one of the most heartfelt renditions of this classic song that I have ever heard -  is a mystery to me. But it worked. To the point where not a single hair on the back of my neck was lying down”.

A WE PARIS, Stéphane Koechlin

The Standard Live Recording. 2016

"The warm, soulful voice...and the master of Nordic jazz took us on an absolute temporal journey!"​

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